20 September 2017

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Plucking the Stinger


Author Stephanie Rogers

Soft Cover, 5.5x7.5, 80 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9962206-8-2

Grief and desire cartwheel through the pages of Stephanie Rogers’ debut collection.

I woke in the night, and begonias flew from my mouth. / Happy Birthday: this could be a long one.

Price $16.00


A girl rides on an outgrown tricycle, biting a necklace of candy hearts. A woman sleeps with a bullet under her tongue. In these vivid and crushing poems, despair has a scent and it’s “half perfume, half something rotten.” Wild with loss and obsession, the poems of “Plucking the Stinger” throb like medication in the throat, a ballet interrupted by a couple breaking up, a false positive test, the terrible death of someone dear. This book is a love letter to grief with no return address.