20 September 2017

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The Tornado Is the World


Author Catherine Pierce

Soft Cover, 5.5x7.5, 80 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9962206-6-8

The newest offering by Catherine Pierce is a whirlwind of poetic brilliance!

The world was rich and wild/ Because we invented it.

Price $16.00


At the heart of acclaimed poet Catherine Pierce’s much-anticipated third book, a powerful tornado churns, spinning out poems of disaster and love, of sirens and wrecked landscapes, of warnings heeded and not. These poems stare down fear from the inside, and ask what it means to walk straight into a splintering world both profane and sacred.


“With empathy, dazzling insight, and dexterity, Pierce sings in the voice of the tornado and the terrified, all while reminding readers of the potential joy still waiting for us amidst the destruction: that feeling ‘when a red sun rises out of a place / you never thought could house a sun.’” —Simone Muench